MW5 Patch #3

Mar 20, 2020

Greetings Mercenaries!

Patch Date and Time - 23 MAR 2020 @ 10 AM PDT
Patch Number: 1.0.227

Welcome to the latest MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Mod Editor and game update! This update focuses on introducing a significant array of improvements to in-game Mod support and the Mod Editor, along with general game improvements for AI obstacle avoidance and the addition of a news carousel to the Title Screen.

UPDATE: We've also included support for NVIDA DLSS 2.0! Check out this post for more details!

Prior to release of this update we strongly recommend that all Mod makers disable the Epic Games Launcher auto-update feature for the MechWarrior 5 Mod Editor and back-up all your modded assets (in their pre-cooked form!). We cannot stress enough how important this is, as any modifications you’ve made to existing game content is likely to be overwritten by this update. You will also need those backups to port your work into the new system.

The new mod creation framework introduced in this update will greatly help to mitigate these kinds of conflicts in any future updates. This update will eliminate the need to directly modify source game assets, and instead introduces a semi-automated system for making safe, mod-specific duplicates of any asset you want to modify.

When it comes to packaging your Mod, this update also introduces a simple one-button solution to handle what had previously been a convoluted and error-prone manual process for cooking and packaging your mods. No more custom bat files and inflated cook times!

Our Mod Editor Guide has been updated to reflect the new system for creating and packaging your Mods. It also includes steps for porting your previously built Mod into the new system. Get it here!

In addition to the built-in support for creating and packaging your Mods, this update features an array of improvements to the number of core systems exposed to modification.

On the game side you'll see a new Mods option available in your Title Screen, which will bring you to a new interface for managing your installed Mods. Important note: Mods must have been built under the new system introduced in this update in order to be compatible with this screen. Any mods that were manually cooked and packaged by the author and distributed as a basic PAK file will not appear in this screen.

- The MechWarrior 5 Team

Mod Editor Updates


Game Updates

Mod Editor Known Issues

There is currently a known issue when attempting to use modified child widgets in unmodified parent widgets. For example, modifying the Objective Log widget on the Home Screen but not including a modified version of the Home Screen itself.

If you are intending to make a Mod that changes a child widget, you must follow these steps to ensure its functionality:

  1. Make a duplicate of the child widget you are intending to Mod and give it a distinctive name, such as 'ObjectiveLogModded'. In this specific case do not use the Save To Mod function, as doing so will prevent your Mod from working.
  2. Move that duplicate into the Content folder of your Mod (not the ModOverride folder), as for the purposes of this workaround we need to treat this duplicate as a new asset.
  3. Make your intended changes within that duplicate.
  4. Identify the parent of that child widget (the main widget in which your child widget is used). You can do so by checking the Reference Viewer for the original version of that child widget. Open that parent widget and hit the Save To Mod button.
  5. In the new Mod version of the parent widget, replace the original child widget with the one you added to your Mod Content folder.
  6. Package your Mod.

Until we can issue a fix, the above steps will enable you to make a functional Mod containing a child widget.

See the updated v2 Mod Editor Guide for more details on these changes!

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