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Wage war across hundreds of planets throughout the Inner Sphere.

Explore hundreds of planets, each with unique terra and enemy strongholds with each playthrough.

Calculate which contracts will earn you elite merc status the fastest.

Customize your arsenal of weaponry.

The Inner Sphere

The year is 3015. The Great Houses of the Inner Sphere have been waging bitter war for over a century. While the battlefields burn with an array of devastating weaponry, none is more formidable than the BattleMech. Skilled Mercenaries have never been in greater demand, and you aim to make your mark.

Year 2439

The first BattleMech prototype is produced by the Terran Hegemony. Though merely a shadow of what's to come, it immediately outclasses all other forms of ground warfare.

Year 2570

The Star League is born. An interstellar council formed from constituent factions within the Inner Sphere; it thrives for 200 years before falling apart in Civil War.

Year 2786

The First Succession War begins in the wake of the Star League's collapse. Billions of lives are lost, and technological development begins to regress.

Year 2866

The Third Succession War begins. The development of new technologies has all but ceased; the Great Houses now scavenge and repair existing technologies they barely understand while the Inner Sphere continues to burn.

Year 3015

In the midst of this war, a young pilot inherits what remains of a small Mercenary outfit. This is where your story begins.