Starring George Ledoux

The Ballad of Duncan Fisher

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Solaris Showdown

All New Campaign

In the bustling chaos of the 3040s, Commander Mason and crew are enlisted by the notorious Mercenary Star in the Galatea system. The mission: eradicate savage pirates seizing critical planetary assets, imperiling the stability of Galatea VI.

Overcoming a series of grueling battles, Mason's team emerges victorious, making a name for themselves and unraveling unforeseen opportunities.

A journey from Galatea to the entertainment haven, Hardcore, ensues. There, Mason collides with 'Mech pilot Duncan Fisher, embarking on a quest to secure a spot in the prestigious Solaris tournament celebrating FedCom unification.

Forming an unlikely alliance, Mason and Fisher traverse the shadows of Solaris, engage in 'Mech duels that would make even the most seasoned MechWarriors raise an eyebrow, and uncover a conspiracy to overthrow the Solaris Council. Racing against the clock, they must outsmart the plot, save Solaris' future, and do it all amid Duncan Fisher's witty commentary—a true Solaris Showdown for the ages!

The Solaris arenas are calling my name!

There are MechWarriors to defeat and fans eager for a show!

Time to return to the big-time and leave my mark!

Inspirational Quote From Duncan Fisher

New Chassis

Introducing The Loader King

Renowned for its BattleMechs, Achernar BattleMechs also manufactures several IndustrialMechs, including the formidable Loader King. This superb design, resilient to a beating and delivering consistently across decades, undergoes a transformative upgrade with BattleMech-grade components. The result? Six new variants that stand as formidable contenders in the fierce duels of BattleMech arenas.


  • LDK-IDM 'Indomitable'


  • LDK-X1A

  • LDK-X1B

  • LDK-X2A

  • LDK-X3A

  • LDK-SA5

New Arena Missions and Fame

New Arena Missions and Fame

Welcome to a thrilling mission experience crafted for your skill and glory, featuring a dynamic new procedural mission type emerging in Industrial Areas across the Inner Sphere. Player Fame unlocks mission variations, tonnage caps, and enemy difficulty, with performance-based rewards ensuring prizes even in defeat.

Arena missions, from 1v1 to FFA and more, offer sub-types like Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault, and Open categories. Optional Objectives yield rewards tied to Destruction Events, scaling with player Fame. As Fame accumulates in Arena missions, diverse challenges unlock at each Fame level. Beyond level 10, players ascend Prestige levels, securing prized equipment and bonus C-bills.

New Gladiator 'Mech Variants

New Gladiator 'Mech Variants

Embark on an exhilarating journey with 11 cutting-edge 'Mech variants designed specifically for the intense Gladiator-style combat of the BattleMech arenas. Equipped with a dynamic array of turbocharged engines, and terrifying new weapons that will leave your adversaries trembling in awe and fear.

Special Variants

  • COR-LZ (Hero)

  • COR-XT1

  • VT-X1


  • CRD-SA2

  • CTF-VE1

  • ON1-XM1

  • ZEU-SA3

  • FS9-X1

  • UM-SA1


New Weapons / Equipment

What's New

Select from a diverse array of new weaponry and equipment, including 4 Ranged Weapons, 3 Melee Weapons, and 3 specialized Equipment items. Elevate your combat strategy in the BattleMech Arena with these advanced options tailored for close-quarters engagements.


  • Light Rifle BF/Light Rifle Burst Fire

  • Medium Rifle BF/Medium Rifle Burst Fire

  • Heavy Rifle BF/Heavy Rifle Burst Fire

  • AC/2 RF/Autocannon 2 Rapid Fire

  • AC/5 RF/Autocannon 5 Rapid Fire

  • AC/10 RF/Autocannon 10 Rapid Fire

  • AC/20 RF/Autocannon 20 Rapid Fire

  • Binary Laser

  • PPC-X

  • Medium Lance

  • Heavy Hammer

  • Assault Greatsword


  • Arena Supercharger

  • Black Market Countermeasures

  • Black Market Probe

Free Updates and QOL

Instant Action

Added a toggle allowing use of other Tier weapons


Improved selection of weapons and equipment to better represent DLC content

BattleMech Repair

Repair All option added to repair options

New Turrets

New Heavy Turrets with increased health and firepower

Field Refits

Enemy ‘Mechs now occasionally spawn with variations of their base loadout

AI Improvements

Including formation and pathing adjustments

Bug Fixes

Several fixes including stuck VTOLs and Otomo 'Mechs not showing up as rare market spawns
Starring George Ledoux

The Ballad of Duncan Fisher

Available Now