Galaxy Commander Cordera Perez

Jun 28, 2024
Greetings Warriors,
Welcome to our first MechWarrior 5: CLANS Character Featurette, featuring Galaxy Commander Cordera Perez played by Jonathan Latham. The Character featurettes series will introduce you to the Characters and Actors that are featured in the MechWarrior 5 CLANS 

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The Invasion Begins October 3rd, 2024! 

MechWarrior 5: CLANS is the Standalone Game 
coming to XBOX Series S - X, PlayStation 5, and PC October 3rd, 2024
- Experience the Clan Invasion from the perspective of Clan Smoke Jaguar as you lead your Star through engaging missions and combat, with cinematics unlike anything seen before in MechWarrior.
- Strategic adaptability is key to victory and more accessible than ever with the new Battle Grid, Command Wheel, and Streamlined Controls.
- Customize your 'Mechs with advanced Clan weapon systems, equipment, and upgrades for mission-specific battles, and advance your pilots with the new pilot progression system.
- Experience MechWarrior like never before with a fully standalone campaign featuring detailed environments and dynamic destruction using the latest Unreal Engine and new Tech Updates.
- Play with up to 4 other players as you protect and lead your Star through complex missions and thrilling combat

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