Otomo Variants and Custom Difficulty

Sep 22, 2023

The Otomo variants, plus custom difficulty settings details for the Dragon's Gambit!


Greetings Mercenaries,

As we count down to the release of The Dragon's Gambit, the fifth DLC for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, there are a few more exciting things we'd like to share. Firstly, we're introducing an enhanced Difficulty Settings section, now accessible under the GAMEPLAY tab in the Options Menu. Here, you can choose from Easy, Normal, or Hard presets using a dropdown menu. These presets will adjust Enemy Accuracy, Enemy Lethality, Storage Costs, and 'Mech Upkeep. But that's not all! Opt for the Custom option, and you'll have the freedom to fine-tune these settings to align perfectly with your preferred playstyle. Additionally, you can modify Extra Heat Dissipation, Enemy Artillery Fire Rate, Repair Time, Repair Cost, Over Tonnage Salvage Penalty, Over Tonnage C-Bill Penalty, and even enable Unlimited Ammo.
Rest assured, tweaking difficulty settings won't impact your achievement progress.
In co-op mode, the Host's settings will take precedence.
Please be aware that some settings may impede your progress in the main campaign, such as prolonged repair times resulting in mission roadblocks.
To ensure a smooth experience, we recommend waiting until after Act One in the main campaign before making any adjustments.

Custom Difficulty Options:

  • Unlimited Ammo: "Shooting no longer consumes ammo. At least one ammo still required to shoot."
  • Extra Heat Dissipation: "Dramatically increases cooling for player and lancemate 'Mechs."
  • Enemy Accuracy: "Multiplier for enemy Accuracy. Stacks with co-op and skill bonuses. Values less than one reduce enemy accuracy."
  • Enemy Lethality: "Adjusts the frequency of enemies targeting weaker components. Values less than one reduce the chance."
  • Enemy Artillery Fire Rate: "Adjusts how frequently enemy artillery fires on the player. Higher values result in more frequent volleys."
  • Repair Time: "Multiplier for number of days required for repairs. Setting to zero makes repairs instant."
  • Repair Cost: "Multiplier for the C-bill cost of repairs. Values less than one reduce the cost."'
  • 'Mech Upkeep: "Multiplier for quarterly 'Mech upkeep costs. Values less than one reduce the cost."
  • Storage Cost: "Multiplier for quarterly storage cost of additional 'Mechbays. Values less than one reduce the cost."
  • Over Tonnage Salvage Penalty: "Multiplier for the salvage penalty for exceeding a mission's max tonnage. Setting to zero removes the penalty."
  • Over Tonnage C-Bill Penalty: "Multiplier for the C-bill penalty for exceeding a mission's max tonnage. Setting to zero removes the penalty."


We're also thrilled to offer you a sneak peek at the upcoming Otomo special variant 'Mechs, each boasting unique and exclusive load-outs, striking patterns, and visually captivating new geometry! Among the special variants are:
The Otomo represent an elite force comprising the very best 'Mechs the Draconis Combine has to offer. With their exceptional performance and iconic paint schemes, the Royal Guard serves as an emblem of power and battlefield supremacy. But why just take our word for it? Explore these remarkable 'Mechs for yourself!