Call to Arms Launch Date Intel

Jun 7, 2022

Greetings Mercenaries, this is your Call to Arms!

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Call to Arms DLC will be available *today!


PRICE: $14.99 USD 

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RELEASE TIME: Check your time zone!

*PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately the Sony DLC release date has been bumped to June 10th

However, Cross play Co-op DLC sharing will still be effective! PC and XBOX who own Call to Arms can host a PlayStation player and experience Call to Arms together!





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We are super excited to release MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Call to Arms featuring:

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Don't forget about these great Free Base Game Updates that take effect on all versions of the game!

Here are some additional changes coming in this update.

Game Manual has been updated!

The Digital Extras (Available on EGS, GOG, and STEAM) have been updated with:



Bug Fixes:


 of the Kestrel Lancers:

Weapons Tuning Pass

With Melee weapons being the headlining feature of the Call to Arms expansion, we wanted to take a look at the weapon roster to see if we could make any improvements based on the modern state of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.  Please note that each of these listed changes are to the baseline "Tier 1" versions of these weapons.  Higher and lower tier weapons will still exponentially scale based off of these new numbers. 

Design Notes: One reason we pushed to include rifles with the Heroes of the Inner Sphere expansion was to give additional options for early game ballistic hardpoints. Particularly when it came to providing more options in the tonnage gap between the 0.5 ton Machine Guns, and the 6 ton Autocannon/2.  While Heavy Rifles have found their audience, the Light and Medium Rifles still felt a bit underwhelming, so we are giving them a bit of a bump.  Long cooldowns and high heat will still be among their designed drawbacks, but we hope to give a bit more wiggle room to pair them with other weapons, particularly in the early game where we want them to be seen as more viable options for Light and Medium 'Mechs with ballistic Hardpoints. 

Design notes: The AC/5 has a lot of competition in the Medium sized Ballistic slot and was often falling behind to weapons like the Heavy Rifle for comparable weight, so we are opening it up for more sustained DPS by increasing its rate of fire while dropping its heat output. 


Design notes: MW5: Mercenaries at its heart is a Succession Wars game.  One in which the lost technology of the Star League was often perceived as better than the more commonly found 'Mechs and weapons.  When it comes to weapon balance we want to allow "LosTech" weapons to fall on the stronger side of the balance curve to reward those that find such gems in the game world prior to their re-introduction. While some weapons like the Solid Slug AC/10 fall on that side of the curve naturally, others have not. So we want to provide a bit more of a nudge for those weapons like the Pulse Lasers, Ultra AC's and standard LBX autocannons to make finding and using them prior to their reintroduction more directly rewarding.

Design notes: Through this weapon audit, we discovered a bug with the Large Chem Laser that was resulting in its cooldown being significantly lower than its intended amount.  We have corrected the bug and reset the weapon cooldown to it's intended amount.   The other Chem Lasers somewhat miss the mark, so we are providing them with a bit more of a buff to lean further into them as being a more heat-neutral option for weapons in the energy slot. We may consider similar changes to the Large Chem Laser in the future, but for now, we want to monitor its performance with its intended cooldown rate first.


Design Notes:  With Melee initially introduced with "Legend of the Kestrel Lancers" we monitored its roll out to identify any issues that we could address with the release of the Hatchetman and the new Melee weapons options to ensure that they are fun and rewarding to use.  One sore spot we found was the lack of a need to really utilize Melee when SRMs were involved due to their incredibly low cooldown. 

This caused us to re-evaluate the current SRM tuning.  Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that the initial tuning on SRM values were set to be rewarding for the game's vanilla release, one where Melee did not exist.  Because 'Mech Melee is now something supported in the base-game, we want to make it a more essential part of the skill set needed for those that wish to effectively brawl at close range. While also opening up windows to allow it to be used more frequently. 
This reduction in SRM cooldowns is high, but it is now designed around various Melee and Melee weapon animations to allow for a full Melee strike to be executed in-between weapon cooldown cycles rather than forcing the player to choose between sustained SRM barrages, or a melee strike.  Now, to offensively brawl optimally, we would like to see players need to combo Melee strikes in-between SRM barrages.

Another major factor for this change is when you are on the receiving end of SRMs from hostile units.  In Legend of the Kestrel lancers, 'Mechs with SRMs often did tremendous close range damage which made approaching them for melee often more risk than reward. This cooldown change will equally effect hostile 'Mechs, vehicles, and turrets, which will hopefully allow for larger windows in which 'Mechs can approach to utilize melee without taking significant return SRM fire on approach.

Finally, we are targeting this change to only apply to the Cluster based SRM launchers.  Stream SRMs will be deliberately unaffected to still provide players to a high DPS build options for those that would still prefer the High DPS versions of the SRMs, but with a bit more skill needed to lead the streams. 

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