Launch Trailer & Smash and Grab

Jun 2, 2022
Greetings Mercenaries,
With less than one week until the release of Call to Arms, the third DLC for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, we are very excited to share with you this new launch trailer!
We also want to invite you to SMASH that wishlist button and GRAB 1250 MC and 100 GSP in MechWarrior Online! 
All you need to do is:
  1.  Wishlist Call to Arms on your preferred platform (SteamGOG, or EGS Links below) before June 8th at 00:00 UTC.
  2. Post on this MechWarrior Online forum thread letting us know that you "wishlisted" the DLC! 
    The thread will be locked on June 8th at 00:00 UTC.
  3. We will inject the 1250 MC and 100 GSP after June 8th at 19:00 UTC, if you follow the instructions you will automatically receive your FREE 1250 MC and 100 GSP! 
    *NOTE: Requires an MWO account and your account must have at least 1 game played in MWO before June 8th at 00:00 UTC to qualify.
-The MW5Mercs Team

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