Mod Support for MW5 Mercs Microsoft Versions

Jun 4, 2020

PATCH FIX! and instructions

We have adjusted the Microsoft/Game Pass modding update to preserve the original save folder after the save transfer. That should prevent people with non C: drive installations from losing their campaign saves going forward.
To locate the original save folder:
Open File Explorer
 Click the address bar at the top
 Copy-paste the following line and hit Enter:
%localappdata%\Packages\PiranhaGamesInc.MechWarrior5Mercenaries_skpx0jhaqqap2\LocalCache\ Local\MW5Mercs\Saved
You would need to move the files directly and manually recreate the folders in the new save location due to access restrictions.
The new save game directory is %localappdata%\MW5Mercs\Saved\SaveGames
It is possible to use archiving software to extract the folder to expedite the process.



Greetings Mercenaries,

Modding is now officially supported for the Microsoft Store and Xbox GamePass versions of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries!

This update applies only to the Microsoft Store and GamePass versions of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries; there will be no update if you own the game through the Epic Games Store, where Modding is already supported.

To facilitate this change and to make the game experience more pleasant, we have also moved your MW5 save data into a more accessible location. On first launching the game after this update, the game will automatically migrate your save data to the AppData folder of your Windows profile MW5Mercs directory.

Both the MW5 Mods folder and Saved Game folder can be found in your <OSDrive>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\MW5Mercs folder. If you do not see an AppData folder in your user folder you will need to enable the 'View Hidden Items' option in your Windows Explorer.
Alternatively, you can just paste %localappdata%\MW5Mercs directly into your Windows Explorer path to go straight there.

Please note that if you are one of the brave users who used a reported workaround to add Mods to your MS Store or GamePass install prior to the release of official support, you will need to manually move those Mods into the game's official Mods folder.

Coinciding with this release, the MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Mod Editor is also now free for all, regardless of whether you own a copy of the game! To acquire the Mod Editor, head over to the Epic Games Store and grab our free Mod Editor from the MW5 Store page. If you're interested in creating Mods for MW5 we strongly recommend going to our official Modding Resources page, where you can find a few resources to help you get started. The Mod Editor Guide in particular is recommended reading!

Stay safe and happy modding, Mercenaries!

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