Jan 24, 2020

Greetings Mercenaries

Patch Date and Time - 29 JAN 2019 @ 12PM PST
Patch Number: 1.0.193

The latest patch details have arrived with improvements and bug fixes. We will be Patching Wednesday, Jan 29th at 12 PM PST (Noon)

We will also be hosting a Dev Update next week (details will be posted next week) so look for exciting information on what the future holds for MechWarrior 5 to be revealed then!

The MechWarrior 5 Team

Please Note: The MW5 Mod editor will also receive an update to keep the Mod Editor Version in line with these changes.

General Improvements


Gameplay / Mission Fixes


Mission / Reward Fixes


Bug Fixes


Co-op Fixes and Improvements


'Mech Related Fixes


Text and Localization Fixes


Stability and Performance


Art and Levels - Multiple fixes and improvements


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