MW5 Mercs Patch #1

Dec 16, 2019

Greetings Mercenaries!

Patch Date and Time - 17 DEC 2019 @ 12PM PST
Patch Number: 1.0.185

This patch arrives with several improvements and fixes.

Please note that in order to patch the game the Epic Game Launcher may require an amount of available disk space greater than the actual size of the patch, typically an amount equal to the size of the game (which is currently around 45 GB).

It also bears mentioning that in order to play Co-op, both players will need to be using the same version. If you are receiving an "incompatible version" error when attempting to invite a friend, it means that one player has the latest game version but the other does not.

If you have any issues please be sure to contact General or Technical. We are continuing to track and work on reported issues.

- The MechWarrior 5 Team







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